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Your Pressure Plus Repair And Service Specialists

Jul 23

Pressure Plus, your pressure washer company for hot and cold water, gas and electric. 

Pressure Plus is your leading company for pressure washers,with over 10 years of experience


If you're looking for a pressure plus company that specializes in repairs and services, Bell City Mechanical Has you covered. All of the pressure washers we sell or repair come directly from the manufacturer and offer warranties that will keep industrial companies at ease if problems arise. The companies that we receive power washers and their parts from, Dynablast and Hotsy, have been in business for as long, if not longer than we have. They are trustworthy and offer top of the line products and services that we are proud to offer on their behalf. 

When we get to your location, we'll offer you multiple options that are tailored to the size of the area, number of vehicles, or surface finish you need washed.

Servicing the GTA, we work with industries to ensure that their pressure washers are in proper working order. Whether that means you need a brand new pressure washer, a small fix, or a large repair, we will be able to come to your facility and make sure your industrial pressure washer is in working order.


If your industrial facility is located in the GTA or in Southwestern Ontario and has a pressure washer that is in need of repair or would like a one that will adequately wash the surface area or vehicles, give us a call today.




Pressure Plus is an authorized sales and repair shop for Dynablast. Dynablast has offered pressure washers that have been leading industrial pressure washers for almost three decades. They have outlasted the competition on many levels. The pressure washers offered by Dynablast are available in an array of models that can be used with either hot or cold water and either gas or electric.


Pressure Plus is authorized to repair or sell Dynablast pressure washers and their parts to clients. They are industry-leading and will help your company avoid downtime that could cost more than a repair or maintenance.


The various pressure washers that are available from Dynablast have different parts and mechanics that work best in different situations and facilities. When one of our technicians comes to your facility, we will advise you on the best pressure washer for your needs. If you have one that is not working at an optimal level, we can advise what parts need to be repaired or if you need a different pressure washer altogether. 


Dynablast is proud to offer the industrial, agricultural, and commercial sectors pressure washers and parts for repairs to the clients of Pressure Plus. Together, we help our clients prevent downtime and provide incredible service, with our knowledgeable and experienced team of staff walking you through every step of the way. 


If you are in need of a pressure washer for your facility, scheduled maintenance, or repairs, call Pressure Plus today. If you want more information on Dynablast and see which pressure washer unit and parts they offer, you can check out their inventory on their website. (insert hyperlink)


We are proud to partner with Dynablast and we are proud to offer our services, with their help, to you. 


*If you are in need of repairing your Dynablast Pressure Washers or any other pressure washer then check out our Pressure Washer Repair page.



Name: Pressure Plus

Address: 180 Hachborn Rd.
Brantford, ON N3S 7w7

Phone Number: 519-732-4267