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Which factors determine whether an insurance claim for leaky roofing damage will be covered?

Mar 1

Which factors determine whether an insurance claim for leaky roofing damage will be covered?

Depending on the extent of your coverage, and the damage you have sustained, you may decide not to file a claim for roof leakage. Take a look at your paperwork to find out what the policy covers. For a fair and reliable estimate, talk to your local roofing specialists.

Here are some questions to ask before you go.

Are You Responsible for the Damage?

Some homeowners neglect their property. They allow gutters to collect rotting leaves, neglect missing and cracked shingles, and ignore their exterior home until something goes wrong. Your roof insurance claim could be denied if your shingles are damaged, cracked, or covered with mildew. In this case, you may end up paying for the damages.

However, insurance may cover the cost of replacing your shingles after a hailstorm leaves them with cracked shingles.

Is the Damage an Exclusion?

The "exclusions" section of your policy will list all incidents that are not covered by the company. Flood damage in certain areas may require an additional policy, as flooding is quite common.

Is the Repair Cost More Than Your Deductible?

The deductible refers to the cost you will need to cover any damage. Common deductibles range from $500 to $5,000. If the repair costs are less than your deductible you will not receive money from the insurance company when you file a claim. When you have roof damage, make sure you get a quote on repairs before calling your insurance company.

Make sure to include in your claim the cost of replacing or fixing any damaged items, such as drywall, flooring, and electronics.

Do not be afraid to file an insurance claim regarding leaking roofs

It might be tempting for inexperienced homeowners to file a claim when their policy covers it. It's a smart move and within your policy guidelines. However, your insurance company could decide you're too high a risk and cancel your coverage. Your insurance company does not have to make you break any rules in order to "fire" you.

You will also see an increase in the cost of your policy if you file claims. These increases can be very significant. This is not something you can avoid by simply changing companies. Multi-company claims are reported to the Comprehensive LOSS Underwriting Exchange, which is used by insurers to verify new policies.

Sometimes it's more important to file an insurance claim than to determine if you can collect the damage.

Experts in insurance recommend that you avoid filing a claim for damage less than $5,000. A policy with a higher deductible is an option. This will reduce the price of your coverage. Keep the savings in the bank, and you can use them to pay for any minor issues that arise.

Insurance coverage can be affected if you file more than one weather and one nonweather insurance claim for a leaky roof every ten years.

Fort Wayne Roofers experts will help you make a decision about whether to file an Insurance claim for leaking Roof Repair. For a free estimate for roof repairs, call us today.


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